LoRa on-street parking sensor AN-101C

AN-101A is a on-street parking sensor, which is based on standard LoRaWAN protocol, and with built-in triaxial reluctance sensor and Hall sensor module. The optimum transmission distance of embedded type smart parking sensor is within 1km. It will become the optimal choice for remote transmission and high reliability application scenario. AN-101A embedded type smart parking sensor is applied to outdoor parking area.

Model : AN-101C
Frequency band : EU863-870MHz; AU915-928MHz; US902-928MHz; AS923; CN470-510MHz; RU864-870MHz, IN865-867MHz
Brand : Winext
Dimension : diameter 96mm*78mm


AN-101C is an in-ground type geomagnetic parking sensor with radar detecting based on standard LoRaWAN protocol to detect the status (occupied or empty) of a parking space. When it detects that there is a car parked in or leaving the parking space, the status information of the parking space will be sent to a LoRa gateway, and gateway will transmit the information to LoRa network server, then LoRa network server will decode the LoRa data and interface with the smart parking platform to achieve real-time management of parking lots. Easy to install in ground, it is widely used in urban road-side parking space and other application scenarios.

   Product feature:


Support LoRaWAN CLASS A;

Frequency (optional): CN470/AS923/EU868/US915/AU915/RU864-870/IN865-867

l Support the magnetic induction of XYZ in three directions;

Radar detection for parking space occupation status

Support BLE wireless transparent communication

Built-in Li-SOCl2 battery

IP67 protection

Temperature range: -40℃+80℃

Strong resistance to interference and easy installation

High accuracy: >98%

Low power consumption

Product dimension and image:


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Three-axis magnetic sensor


Millimeter-wave radar detecting


3.6V/19Ah Li-SOCL2 battery



CN470MHz /EU868MHz

US 915MHz /AS923MHz



5.Power supply

3.6V/19000mAh,  built-in Li-SOCL2 battery

6.Idle current


7.Working current


8.Rx current



Built-in LoRa antenna and radar antenna

10.Temperature range




12.Life cycle

4 years(based on occupied status change 20 times per day)

13.Load bearing





Network diagram:


Product application:

1)  Smart cities

2)  Smart traffic parking management system

3)  Smart community parking management system